Friday, 15 May 2009

Feeding frenzy

Every MP whose expense claims have been revealed have said that they were all within the rules and approved by Commons authorities. However, many of them have also said that the Rules are wrong and need to be replaced.

Question: If that is what they believe, and may have believed for some time, why then did they continue to make claims within those "wrong" rules for so long?

I can appreciate that mistakes happen, and there are some instances where errors have been spotted and money repaid long before this row broke, but in many other cases there seems to be no comprehension from those involved that they have done anything that is ethically questionable.

And it is this lack of understanding and integrity that is deeply concerning.

This BBC News site carries a list of MP's and their expenses claims. It is worth remembering that such expenses are supposed to be for things that allow the elected official to carry out their Parliamentary duties.

er ... Bedding? Television set? Decorating?

Shahid Malik, the Justice minister who today "resigned" over the expenses row has called for the media "bloodfest" to stop.

Well, Mr. Malik, uncomfortable as it may be for you and many others, maybe it is time that our elected politicians relearnt that they are servants of the people, and answerable to them.