Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Political dust-up

Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, has moved swiftly to force his Shadow Cabinet and other Tory MPs to repay excessive and questionable expenses claims paid out of the Public Purse. They were faced with the choice of writing out a cheque or being dismissed from the Party, so no surprises that all who have so far been asked have agreed. Before the announcement by Mr. Cameron, Douglas Hogg, the former agriculture secretary, (who had claimed more than £2,000 for the moat around his country estate to be cleared, plus the cost of his piano to be tuned), stoutly defended his claim for £14,000 to employ a full-time housekeeper. Stating that his work demanded that he have a second home, he said in a broadcast interview, "Someone needs to clean it."

Well, Mr. Hogg, let me educate you.

THIS ...

is a duster.
You can buy them in many places including corner shops and supermarkets.
You pick them up, unfold them, hold them loosely in your hand and move them over surfaces.
They collect dust, which is why they are called a duster.
They can cost no more than £1 for 3.

A bit cheaper than £14,000.
Might I suggest you pick one up sometimes and do a bit of housework yourself?

Most of us have to do just that.


  1. SR, very good. You told Mr Hogg, and you showed him.

    He may have relatives in Texas. I know of a quite wealthy Miss Ima Hogg, (not kidding) from Houston. I doubt that she knew how to use a duster, either.

  2. Ima Hogg? What were her parents thinking?

  3. S.R. You are sooooo conventional. Think outside the box. It pays.