Monday, 18 May 2009

Maybe shorter than you think ...

... could be the answer to the previous post. Somedays it just gets to me, and later I wonder why I allowed it to annoy me. I should be better at dealing with those feelings than this. I did not do very well with my self-awareness of the Transactional Analysis method which I try and follow. I'm not into Myers-Briggs at all, but the TA system of looking at human interaction as P-A-C has, since I learned it, been invaluable.

Parent - Adult - Child. In any interaction with another, how am I acting? Am I being the parent, demanding that they follow my advice/lead/interpretation? Am I being the child refusing to budge and crying that it's not fair and I don't want to and I'll scream and scream 'til I'm sick? Or am I being the adult who looks rationally at the situation and engages with the differences?

Then, how are they acting? The aim is for both to come to the point of being the Adult, and it's there that learning and dialogue takes place.

Today was a childlike day.

Time that I grew up.

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