Friday, 8 May 2009

MPs expenses

The Parliamentary expenses system is "wrong" says Gordon Brown ... however, that hasn't stopped him and other MP's from putting in their claims.

It's a bit like a thief who gets caught with their hand in the till, who then turns round and blames the till for being there in the first place.

If the system is wrong, and our PM claims he's known it was wrong for some time and is taking steps to change it, then why do our representatives continue to gain benefit from it? And if they've been doing nothing wrong, why try to prevent the people they represent from seeing the details? After all, my expenses of office as a clergyman are open for any in the parishes to see, for they are contained in the church accounts pinned to the notice board.

Maybe what is needed is not a better/fairer system of expense reimbursement for MPs, but more evidence of personal integrity.


  1. It says something about me that I saw your topic line and thought something was up with Fr. Jon. I honestly did not think of MP as member of parliament! A giggle for a Sunday morning.


  2. MP's expenses? Has he been padding the accounts again?