Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Now this one I enjoyed

Permit me to apologize for communicating with you through this medium as it is the only secured way I feel I can at this very crucial moment to reach you. Following the directives received from the office of the president, federal republic of Nigeria, as a result of petitions and counter petitions by foreign contractors over non-payment of their contract claims and fraudulent activities being perpetuated by imposters as well as people who claim to be officials of the apex bank (CBN).

Under my recent investigation your name is among the list of beneficiaries released for verification and transfer. Be informed that there are different accounts submitted for your payment by your local representatives to the effect of your payment notification. As a result of these irregularities and subsequent to investigation,the Bank does not know into which account to effect your payment. Based on my recent findings, please, you are hereby required to verify the following immediately:

-Did you broker your debt to Mr. Lee Chong of indo-china group ltd, Hong Kong,to claim and receive the payment on your behalf? Did you sign any deed of assignment in his favor? thereby making him the current beneficiary with the following account details: account name: Indo-china group ltd, account no:114-102-5567-8,bank name: standard chattered bank,138-141 1st floor,Edinburgh tower, the landmark,15 queens road, central Hong Kong, swift code:Scbl 11k111.

You are required as a matter of urgency to confirm the legitimacy of the above claim and kindly give us reason why you decided to affect the above change of account. If you are not aware of this claim, please confirm to me immediately.

Note that the Bank is bound to recognize Mr. Lee Chongs claim, if you fail to promptly response to this inquiry following the deed of assignment he submitted to the bank to claim this payment. So do get back tome with a confirmation to this effect immediately.I await your earnest response,

Best regards,
Garlp Philips.

Thank you Garlp, (what sort of name is that?!) you started my day with a chuckle.


  1. I am reliably informed by an ex-Hong Kong resident that the address given in the letter does exist. However, "one swallow does not make a summer". Garlp will not be getting any response from me.

  2. These scammers would be so much more plausible if they first took a course in basic english.

  3. Scammers?

    Surley not?

    What a coincidence: I have a new Nigerian friend who is going to give me a lost fortune. All I have to do is give him my bank account details.

    Sounds foolproof to me.