Monday, 4 May 2009

No worries here then

I took the opportunity at last week's Joint Benefice Council meeting to tell the parish representatives what would be the likely impact on our church worship if Swine flu reaches pandemic status and sweeps across our rural area - initially the cessation of using a common communion cup and intincting the wafers with the wine instead, and then later the ending of Sunday services for the duration, though the church buildings would stay open.

A churchwarden made the comment that the news reports were saying that the main people at risk are those under the age of 45, and taking a look round our congregations, he didn't think it likely that we would be affected at all!

I'm glad I didn't suggest that!


  1. Being old is not all bad.

    My word verification is "flatop". No kidding.

  2. The random generator does come up with some interesting words at times ...