Monday, 18 May 2009

How long, O Lord?

What is it about the way some people write replies that makes me want to scream "Stop patronising me, you s***!" They also manage to evade the question and turn it round so that the problem lies this end of things. And what really gets under my skin is that this is communication with the church "centre".

Rant over. I shall go and microwave some chips.

I'll regret it tomorrow when I'm in the gym!


  1. And what really gets under my skin is that this is communication with the church "centre".

    Shouldn't you be accustomed to that by now, SR?

  2. Who's got on your nerves now? Do you want me to send the boys round?

  3. Perhaps I've been having a "bad day", or maybe not. Yes Grandmere, I should be accustomed to this, but it doesn't stop me from hoping for better and trying to achieve some small change in the business mind-set that has eaten into our structures like a cancer.

  4. SR, when I was on my church vestry, I had to spend two or three Saturdays in all day sessions on introducing the business model in our church, disliking every single minute of it. Hating every minute would better express my feelings. I can't really say if the program was implemented, because my term on the vestry ended, but I haven't see any great changes in the functioning of the church.

  5. Communications within our small part of the Episcopal Church USA leave me beggaring belief. Three weeks ago, as part of our parish attempts to survey organ maintainers (we are in search of excellence in this field) I emailed or wrote to every parish and mission in the archdeaconry. A total of 37 churches. The number of replies received? Seven.